Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Growing Support!

Recently we've been asking you to take part in lots of fundraising for the cats, bears, and coatis. The DonorBridge "Get Up and Give" Day, the Chase Community Giving contest, and the Razoo Giving program have all showed us how much you care. The results of the Chase Community Giving contest aren't in yet, but the other programs and generous donations to our Director's "Help Us Help Them" letter have yielded a little over $15,000 for the animals here - THANKS TO YOU! Everyone who helped out in those programs was an integral part of bringing in the funding for IEAS.

Here at the IEAS, we know we may not be the largest sanctuary or have the most residents, but we take such pride in caring for the residents here with us. Every day, we give them the highest quality, happiest, and most comfortable life we can because they are a part of our family - and so are YOU. We love when you get involved, and we love knowing that these amazing animals have reached out and touched your heart like they do ours every single day.

Every day, we can see the support for the animals of IEAS continually growing, whether it is through watching the number of Facebook "fans" on our page growing or experiencing an increase in tour visitors (tours are up 17% in the past year!). It means the world to us to have such a strong support system behind us. As much as the staff at IEAS loves the animals here, we can't provide for them alone. 

And so, after such a busy few weeks of fundraising, we just want to say THANK YOU for being a part of the lives of the animals living here at IEAS. You are all amazing supporters!

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