Sunday, July 10, 2011

Produce Galore!

Did you know that the bears of the International Exotic Animal Sanctuary are fed almost entirely off of donated produce? We do purchase peanuts, meat, and omnivore kibble for them but the majority of their meal is given to IEAS by a few local grocery stores!

Every day, an IEAS intern hops into our little, red produce truck and makes the trip to two different Marketplaces, a Brookshire's store, and Dunn's Produce. At these four stops, we pick up several boxes, barrels, and bags of any produce that may have a little bruise or scratch - something people wouldn't want to buy but is delicious for a bear! With a truck bed full of produce coming to IEAS everyday, our bears stay full and happy!

BUT, these four stores aren't the only ones who give to IEAS. Once a week, Sanctuary Director Richard and Maintenance Supervisor Roy head out to a Walmart in Fort Worth to pick up a trailer full of goodies for our bears and cats!

We couldn't be more thankful for
what these five stores do for IEAS
and the animals living here.
To have their support means
the world and it's so
great to have this trusted,
reliable system with them!

1 comment:

  1. A very great way for these stores to put their unwanted produce to good use! And I'm sure the animals appreciate the generosity of those facilities.