Thursday, October 7, 2010

Dakar and Lucky

Today Dakar and Lucky were enjoying the beautiful weather. They were in their meadow area of Bear Orphanage playing together. Lucky would start out on top of Dakar almost like putting him in a head lock, but then Dakar would duck under and poor Lucky would end up on his back. They were like two little kids wrestling. Meyote soon came to break up the fun. When she arrived, they all just sat there looking at each other. I think they enjoyed it more when it was just the boys.


  1. Are any of the bears showing signs of denning behavior? I realize that Minnesota has a much colder climate than we do, but some of their black bears are already in dens.

  2. Not yet. They are just stuffing themselves full right now though. Dakar and Meyote have dug their own den the past two years, so I would expect them to do the same this year. It's just not cold enough yet to really get them going. I am sure the grizzlies will slow down when it cools off though. They did den up the last two years. Last year, we didn't see them for almost 3 months! We are going to watch them though and start taking notes of what they are doing. I think it would be interesting to see when they den, how long, if they come out and what not.